Helping you navigate separation and divorce.

What we do

We help reduce the anxiety and confusion by navigating and supporting you through the unknown world of separation, divorce, parenting time and decision-making responsibilities. We provide both clinical services in the form of counselling and therapy, and consultations to professionals to assist where there are legal proceedings.

Clinical services

Individual & Family Therapy

We offer therapy to individuals and families who are struggling with the emotional distress of separation and divorce anywhere on the continuum from the beginning to high conflict. We provide client focused strategies which include, yet not limited to, creating goals on how to move through the separation/divorce process, managing parenting time and decision-making responsibilities to becoming a part of a blended family, improving parental communication and parenting techniques. We support families going through transitions along with working through the emotions that come with this transition, such as anger, grief, betrayal, fear, sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Parenting/Co-parenting Counselling

We offer an individualized approach to parenting/co-parenting education. We help and support parents by allowing them to recognize behaviours that may cause more conflict or make life more difficult for children growing up between two homes. A common goal is to help with communication, for example how to tell children about your separation and how to properly send text messages to avoid high conflict. Better communication will lead to better outcomes. Counselling is a short term intervention strategy with a focus towards finding a balance of stability while transitioning through a very difficult time. Counselling is different from therapy where recommendations, strategies and ideas towards change may come directly from the social worker.

Provide consultation for high conflict separation/divorce disputes

At times, the tension during separation/divorce proceedings are high and overwhelming. We provide coaching, direction, supportive services and/or consultations at any time during the process, including those who want to avoid child welfare or family court all together.

Family-Focused Therapy & Reunification Therapy

Parent and child relationships often become strained through separation/divorce proceedings. We provide support and will work with your family to heal the relationship between a parent and child that has been negatively affected after a separation and/or divorce.

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Legal Consultations

Consultations involving child welfare and/or the risk of child welfare matters

We work with professionals and families to provide support during family law proceedings such as consultations for those involved in child welfare matters or for those who want to avoid child welfare or family court all together. We can help professionals navigate the child welfare system and provide supportive resources.

Creating Parenting Plans

We assist with formulating parenting plans in a comfortable and non-judgmental manner for non-court ordered parenting plans. We provide support to families to develop mutually agreed upon parenting and co-parenting agreements with the best interests of the child at the forefront. This may include providing short term coaching sessions with the family.

Voice of the Child Reports

We are Voice of the Child practitioners trained to complete Voice of the Child Reports (VCR) which share the wishes and preferences of the child, and give children a chance to be heard during family law proceedings. Voice of the Child Reports are completed with the consent of all parties involved, including the child(ren).

Case Consultations

When clients are struggling with litigation proceedings, we provide case consultations for high conflict situations such as supporting clients through assessments and to better understand how their actions and behaviours affect the litigation proceedings. We provide coaching for clients on how to better communicate with their children and former spouses, directly or indirectly.


Individual Counselling $165 per session.
Co-parenting/Family Counselling $180 per session.

Rise Up Counselling does not invoice insurance companies directly.  Most benefit companies offer social work coverage.  Please review your personal benefit package.

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