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Rise Up Counselling is a therapeutic practice specializing in supporting individuals and families experiencing challenges in their parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, separation and divorce proceedings. We engage families with respect, empathy and the intimate knowledge of how to navigate the various systems they may find themselves in.
The fundamental scope of everything we do is to ensure that parents maintain a solid, healthy and nourishing relationship with their children.

We will walk side-by-side, one step at a time with families to reach their goals. Rise Up Counselling is a private practice offering in-person and virtual sessions. We welcome self and professional referrals.

Clinical Services

Support Therapy to individuals, families, parents and co-parents struggling with separation, divorce, parenting time and decision-making responsibilities as well as reunification.

Parenting & Co-parenting Coaching

An individualized approach to parenting & co-parenting support. Supporting children between homes.

Individual & Family Therapy

Therapy to individuals and families affected by trauma, divorce/separation, anger, grief and anxiety.

Providing consultations for separation/divorce

Providing needed support in family law proceedings.

Family Therapy & Reunification Therapy

Designed to heal relationships negatively affected by separation and or divorce.

Legal Consultations

Involving Child Welfare, Voice of the Child Reports, Parenting Plans & Case Consultations

Child Welfare & Risk of Child Welfare

Providing support during family law proceedings to professionals & families involving Child Welfare.

Creating Parenting Plans

Assistance formulating parenting plans for non-court ordered parenting and co-parenting agreements.

Voice of the Child Reports

Sharing the wishes/voice of the child for family law proceedings.

Case Consultations

Assisting in high conflict situations to help move proceedings forward.

One Step at a time

Discover how Rise Up Counselling can help you or your family.


The Benefits Of Working With A Therapist Through Your Divorce With Helen Yack & Gabbi Silverberg

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg of Rise Up Counselling about the many benefits of working with a therapist while you go through separation and divorce. Helen and Gabbi discuss how therapy and counselling can help you and your children manage the stress and anxiety of divorce. We also chat about how it can save you money in legal fees to work with a therapist too. Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events so hiring the right professionals to help you be at your best when you make some very important, life altering decisions is invaluable. This episode provides so much helpful information. You won’t want to miss it.

Gabbi Silverberg & Helen Yack: Rise Up Counselling

In this episode, our dynamic social work duo delves into crucial themes surrounding divorce dynamics. Explore the intricacies of introducing new partners to children, navigating the complexities of blending families, and rebuilding trust with your ex-spouse. Dive into discussions about managing egos during this emotional process and gain insights into divorce’s profound impact on children. Discover how every action, word, and decision shapes the lessons kids absorb, offering a compelling exploration into the profound ripple effects of divorce on family dynamics. It’s a conversation filled with practical advice, empathy, and a deep understanding of the intricate dance involved in the art of conscious uncoupling.

This week on the DL: Real Life Spotlight: Children of Divorce

Guess who’s back! This week Alex and Amanda chat with their colleagues, Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg from RiseUp Counselling! All four women speak candidly about their personal experiences with Divorce and the impacts on the next gen – spoiler, your kids will be fine! Helen and Gabbi take us inside the minds of children whose parents are going through divorce; how they make sense of their situations, and some dos and don’ts for parents during this time.

Dirty Laundry: The Divorce Podcast

This week A&A discuss the do’s and don’t’s around telling the kids you’re getting a divorce with the brilliant Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg of  Rise Up Counselling.

With practical tips like where to tell them, when to tell them and how much to tell them, you don’t want to miss it.


To all the dads in separated or divorced families, recognizing that the day might not be an easy day, here are some tips to navigate Father’s Day:

1. If possible, communicate with your co-parent to plan a special day for your children. If there is not a step-parent in the home, ensure that the young children have gifts ready to give to their dads, even just a homemade card.

2. Focus on quality time over quantity with your children and create lasting memories.

3. Show your children love and appreciation, and let them know how much they mean to you.

4. Knowing that some fathers may not be seeing their children today, take care of yourself and practice self-care to stay strong for your children.

5. Remember that your role as a father is invaluable, and your love and presence make a difference in your children’s lives

Enjoy your day and keep being the amazing dad that you are. Happy Father’s Day!

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Yes, it is possible to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply, although it can be a very challenging and personal journey. Most often people get confused about separating forgiveness from reconciliation. Forgiving someone does not necessarily mean you need to reconcile with them or maintain a relationship. Forgiveness can occur even if you decide to distance yourself from the person who hurt you.

In order to do this, you need to understand what forgiveness is. This act is primarily for your own well-being, releasing yourself from the burden of negative emotions and finding peace, rather than condoning the hurtful behaviour. Forgiveness is not a single act but a process that can take time. It’s okay to feel conflicted or have setbacks along the way. Consider how holding onto resentment affects you negatively and how forgiveness could bring you relief and healing.

While going through this process, be kind to yourself. Understand that your feelings of hurt and anger are valid and that it’s normal to struggle with forgiveness, especially in cases of deep hurt. This is a personal and unique journey. What works for one person might not work for another, so it’s important to find what feels right for you and to be patient with yourself throughout the process.

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Trust is a foundational element of any co-parenting relationship, as it ensures both parents can effectively work together for the well-being of their child. Building this trust takes time, often requiring years of consistent, honest, and reliable behaviour from both parents.

In a co-parenting relationship, trust is incredibly fragile. A single act of dishonesty, betrayal, or failure to follow through on commitments can quickly erode the trust that took so long to build.

Repairing broken trust in a co-parenting relationship is a long and challenging process. It might involve actively communicating, reliably fulfilling commitments, and showing genuine cooperation. The process often takes as long, if not longer, than it took to build the trust initially because the betrayed parent needs to see a significant and sustained pattern of trustworthy behaviour to overcome their doubt and regain confidence. This journey involves patience, understanding, and a shared commitment to prioritizing the child’s well-being above all else.

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Boston bound. #afccboston ...

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The “Let Them Theory” is a perspective that advocates allowing people to make their own choices and learn from the consequences. This theory is often discussed in the context of personal development, parenting, management, and education. It centers around the idea that over-involvement or micromanagement can hinder individuals’ growth, responsibility, and autonomy.

Applying the “Let Them Theory” to difficult relationships involves allowing the other person the space to be themselves, make their own choices, and learn from the outcomes, while maintaining your own boundaries and well-being. Here’s how:

❤️Self-Reflect - Assess your own role and identify triggers.
❤️Set Boundaries - Clearly communicate limits and stick to them.
❤️Allow Natural Consequences - Step back and let them experience the outcomes of their actions.
❤️Encourage Communication - Listen actively and express yourself calmly.
❤️Focus on Self-Growth - Engage in self-care and seek external support.
❤️Respect Their Autonomy - Accept differences and avoid trying to control.
❤️Evaluate & Adjust - Regularly review the relationship and be flexible.

Applying the “Let Them Theory” to difficult relationships requires patience, empathy, and a commitment to personal growth. By allowing the other person space to be themselves and make their own choices, while maintaining your own boundaries, you can foster a healthier and more respectful relationship.#riseupcounselling #letthem #melrobbins #difficultrelationships #coparenting #conflict #divorce

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Co-parenting is hard work. One of the toughest hurdles in this journey is letting go of false hope—hope for a seamless relationship that may not align with reality. When faced with the complexities, it’s crucial to approach the situation with clarity. Here are some insights on navigating this path:

1. Embrace Reality: Acknowledge the reality of the situation, however difficult it may be.
2. Assess Objectively: Take a step back to objectively evaluate the current state of the co-parenting relationship.
3. Prioritize Children’s Well-being: Redirect focus from personal desires to the needs of the children. Co-parenting is fundamentally about creating a stable and supportive environment for them.
4. Set Realistic Expectations: Set achievable expectations based on the co-parent’s behaviour and communication style. Establishing boundaries may be necessary for a healthy dynamic.
5. Effective Communication: Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of successful co-parenting. Clearly express expectations and boundaries, while remaining receptive to the co-parent’s perspective.
6. Seek Support: Surround yourself with a supportive network that can provide emotional guidance through the challenges of co-parenting. A therapist can offer invaluable insight and encouragement.
7. Practice Self-Care: Take care of yourself emotionally and physically during this transition.
8. Focus on Control: Direct energy towards what can be controlled—your own actions and reactions. By prioritizing personal growth and positive co-parenting behaviour, a stable environment can be fostered for the children’s benefit.

Navigating co-parenting realities after divorce isn’t easy, but by letting go of false hope and embracing practical strategies, it’s possible to create a supportive environment where children can thrive.

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In the garden of co-parenting, it’s not just about the flower, but the whole ecosystem . When faced with difficulties, remember: “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

In co-parenting, it’s easy to focus solely on each other’s actions, but true growth comes from nurturing the environment we create together. It’s about fostering communication, understanding, and compromise.

Let’s water our co-parenting garden with patience, empathy, and respect. By tending to the roots of our relationship, we can create a flourishing environment where our children can thrive.

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Feelings are valid and provide information yet they are not facts. Listen to your body and take an environment scan to truly understand what is driving the emotions. Here are a few benefits to pausing without reacting to your feelings:

👍 living more authentically
👍allows for accountability and less projections onto others
👍allows for the focus to be on modifying your own behaviours, such as implementing self care (ie, sleep, therapy, or movement).

If you are going through a separation or divorce, a huge life changing event, the risks of relying on your emotions to drive decisions making can become overwhelming and risky. Utilize reliable friends, therapist or mentors to assist in navigating this time.

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This picture was taken 10 years ago today. We were on lunch from a training at Children’s Aid Society of Toronto on CPIN (our child welfare friends know the stress this new software caused 😂).

Although we always had a plan for a private practice, we didn’t really know what that would look like. Little did we know 10 years later we would be where we are today.

So, we thought it would be an appropriate time to reintroduce ourselves :). Meet Gabbi (dark hair on the left) and Helen (light hair on the right). We are two Registered Social Workers who began our careers in child welfare in 1999 where we not only grew our professional knowledge and skills, but became close friends who bonded over broken hearts, new babies, toddler tantrums and teenage angst.

We had the vision to open up our own practice one day (we called it the 10-year-plan). But life happened and it became a 20-year plan.

Rise Up Counselling is a therapeutic practice specializing in supporting individuals and families experiencing challenges in their parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, separation and divorce proceedings. We engage families with respect, empathy and the intimate knowledge of how to navigate the various systems they may find themselves in.

The fundamental scope of everything we do is to ensure that parents maintain a solid, healthy and nourishing relationship with their children.

We will walk side-by-side, one step at a time with families to reach their goals. We welcome self and professional referrals.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about what we do!

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Grief and joy are not mutually exclusive; they can coexist within us.

Grief in the context of divorce can be profound and multifaceted. It involves mourning the loss of a significant relationship, the dissolution of shared dreams and plans, and the restructuring of one’s identity and future.

Grief encompasses a spectrum of emotions, including not just sadness but also happiness, excitement, and joy in life. We don’t have to choose between grieving and experiencing joy; we’re allowed to live fully, embracing both the pain of loss and the beauty of life.

It’s important to recognize that joy doesn’t erase the pain of grief, and grief doesn’t limit our capacity for joy unless we allow it to. Despite the natural inclination to separate these emotions, we can find hope in both tears and laughter, sometimes needing to consciously guide ourselves toward that balance.

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Navigating divorce is tough. The stress can be overwhelming, affecting your body and mind. That’s why rest is crucial. It helps you recharge physically and emotionally, allowing you to face the challenges with clarity and resilience. Take time to rest, prioritize self-care, and manage stress effectively. Your well-being matters.

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