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Rise Up Counselling is a therapeutic practice specializing in supporting individuals and families experiencing challenges in their parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, separation and divorce proceedings. We engage families with respect, empathy and the intimate knowledge of how to navigate the various systems they may find themselves in.
The fundamental scope of everything we do is to ensure that parents maintain a solid, healthy and nourishing relationship with their children.

We will walk side-by-side, one step at a time with families to reach their goals. Rise Up Counselling is a private practice offering in-person and virtual sessions. We welcome self and professional referrals.

Clinical Services

Support Therapy to individuals, families, parents and co-parents struggling with separation, divorce, parenting time and decision-making responsibilities as well as reunification.

Parenting & Co-parenting Coaching

An individualized approach to parenting & co-parenting support. Supporting children between homes.

Individual & Family Therapy

Therapy to individuals and families affected by trauma, divorce/separation, anger, grief and anxiety.

Providing consultations for separation/divorce

Providing needed support in family law proceedings.

Family Therapy & Reunification Therapy

Designed to heal relationships negatively affected by separation and or divorce.

Legal Consultations

Involving Child Welfare, Voice of the Child Reports, Parenting Plans & Case Consultations

Child Welfare & Risk of Child Welfare

Providing support during family law proceedings to professionals & families involving Child Welfare.

Creating Parenting Plans

Assistance formulating parenting plans for non-court ordered parenting and co-parenting agreements.

Voice of the Child Reports

Sharing the wishes/voice of the child for family law proceedings.

Case Consultations

Assisting in high conflict situations to help move proceedings forward.

One Step at a time

Discover how Rise Up Counselling can help you or your family.


The Benefits Of Working With A Therapist Through Your Divorce With Helen Yack & Gabbi Silverberg

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg of Rise Up Counselling about the many benefits of working with a therapist while you go through separation and divorce. Helen and Gabbi discuss how therapy and counselling can help you and your children manage the stress and anxiety of divorce. We also chat about how it can save you money in legal fees to work with a therapist too. Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events so hiring the right professionals to help you be at your best when you make some very important, life altering decisions is invaluable. This episode provides so much helpful information. You won’t want to miss it.

Gabbi Silverberg & Helen Yack: Rise Up Counselling

In this episode, our dynamic social work duo delves into crucial themes surrounding divorce dynamics. Explore the intricacies of introducing new partners to children, navigating the complexities of blending families, and rebuilding trust with your ex-spouse. Dive into discussions about managing egos during this emotional process and gain insights into divorce’s profound impact on children. Discover how every action, word, and decision shapes the lessons kids absorb, offering a compelling exploration into the profound ripple effects of divorce on family dynamics. It’s a conversation filled with practical advice, empathy, and a deep understanding of the intricate dance involved in the art of conscious uncoupling.

This week on the DL: Real Life Spotlight: Children of Divorce

Guess who’s back! This week Alex and Amanda chat with their colleagues, Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg from RiseUp Counselling! All four women speak candidly about their personal experiences with Divorce and the impacts on the next gen – spoiler, your kids will be fine! Helen and Gabbi take us inside the minds of children whose parents are going through divorce; how they make sense of their situations, and some dos and don’ts for parents during this time.

Dirty Laundry: The Divorce Podcast

This week A&A discuss the do’s and don’t’s around telling the kids you’re getting a divorce with the brilliant Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg of  Rise Up Counselling.

With practical tips like where to tell them, when to tell them and how much to tell them, you don’t want to miss it.


“Let Them” Author: Cassie Phillips

Just Let them.
If they want to choose something or someone over you, LET THEM.
If they want to go weeks without talking to you, LET THEM.
If they are okay with never seeing you, LET THEM.
If they are okay with always putting themselves first, LET THEM.
If they are showing you who they are and not what you perceived them to be, LET THEM.
If they want to follow the crowd, LET THEM.
If they want to judge or misunderstand you, LET THEM.
If they act like they can live without you, LET THEM.
If they want to walk out of your life and leave,
hold the door open, AND LET THEM.
Let them lose you.
You were never theirs, because you were always your own.
So let them.
Let them show you who they truly are, not tell you.
Let them prove how worthy they are of your time.
Let them make the necessary steps to be a part of your life.
Let them earn your forgiveness.
Let them call you to talk about ordinary things.
Let them take you out on a Thursday.
Let them talk about anything and everything just because it’s you they are talking to.
Let them have a safe place in you.
Let them see the heart in you that didn’t harden.
Let them love you.

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That`s a wrap for highlighting each module over the last 6 days.

No one has regretted taking this course, but most have regretted not taking it sooner.

Are you navigating coparenting after a separation or divorce? Or are you a professional working with people who are recently separated.
It can be challenging. Coparenting courses are here to guide you on this incredible journey of raising your kids together while living apart. Let’s take a look at how some courses can make a real difference in your coparenting experience:

🌈 Communication Skills: Learn effective communication techniques to ensure smooth conversations about your child’s upbringing and needs.
🌈 Conflict Resolution: Discover strategies to address disagreements constructively, putting your child’s best interests first.
🌈 Coordinating Schedules: Say goodbye to confusion! Master the art of organizing schedules and visitation arrangements that work for both you and your little ones.
🌈 Reducing Stress for Your Child: Create a stable and supportive environment by reducing conflicts and emotional stress for your children.
🌈 Setting Boundaries: Define roles and responsibilities for a consistent and structured upbringing.
🌈 Parenting Skills: Gain insights into effective parenting techniques to support your child’s emotional and behavioural growth.
🌈 Focus on the Child’s Well-being: Prioritize your child’s happiness and development above all else.

Rise Up Counselling has received positive feedback from the course Parenting From Two Homes. It can equip both parents with the tools you need for a successful and harmonious coparenting relationship. Your child will thrive with both parents actively involved in their lives!

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have on this course.

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We are focusing on the different modules of the online course.

Module 6: When we don’t agree. This module focuses on giving you helpful tools to manage conflict.

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Children may try to split their parents after a divorce as a way to cope with the intense emotions and confusion they may be feeling. Splitting allows them to simplify their complex feelings by categorizing one parent as all good and the other as all bad. This can provide a sense of stability and control in a situation that feels chaotic and overwhelming.

Additionally, children may feel pressured to choose sides or may be influenced by the behavior and attitudes of one parent towards the other. They may also fear losing the love and approval of one parent if they show affection towards the other.

It’s important for parents to recognize these behaviors and work towards fostering a healthy relationship between their child and BOTH parents. Here’s are some of the ways:

🗣️promote open communication
👍support independent relationships with each parent
✋set boundaries
👩‍💻seek professional help

Ultimately, children need love, support, connection and consistency from both parents to navigate the challenges of divorce in a healthy way.

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We are focusing on the different modules of the online course.

Module 5: Boundaries. This module focuses on setting healthy boundaries with your children and yourself.

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We are focusing on the different modules of the online course.

Module 4: The New Normal. This module focuses on the following:

🔵Communicate effectively with your co-parent and develop a structured plan for navigating parenting topics together.

🔵 Approach co-parenting as a united front.

🔵 Get a practical roadmap to communicating with your children’s other parent with respect and clarity.

🔵 Create a simple financial plan to fill the gap between where you are now and where you’d rather be.

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Module 3 of the online course is about creating two homes. It focuses on the following:

🔵 Redefine your parenting roles and develop mutual respect as co-parents.

🔵 Learn how to protect your children from feelings of insecurity when transitioning between homes.

🔵 Make the adjustment from one home to two in the most cost-effective, proactive way possible.

Contact us for more information.

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Online course Module 2!

Module 2 focuses on telling your children about the changes in their family structure.

🔵 Understanding how to protect the children from as much pain as possible.

🔵 Guidelines on how to respond to children’s toughest questions.

Contact us for more information on this amazing online course.

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We have had some amazing feedback on the Parenting from Two Homes Course.

This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies and techniques for co-parenting with your ex partner while putting your child first. It’s a great learning tool for those parents who want to focus on their children without putting them in the middle.

This course has 6 different modules. For the next 6 days we will feature each Module.

Module 1

🔵Prepare yourself and your children for the challenges that come with restructuring and parenting from two homes.

🔵Learn tools to navigate your big emotions so you can help your kids manage theirs.

🔵Explore the first steps to creating the financial future you deserve for you and your children.

Contact us for more information on how to purchase this course. Learn how it can help you and your clients.

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April 10 means today is National Erase Self-Negativity Day. We are spending the day encouraging everyone to take steps toward erasing the influence negative self-talk has on our lives. It’s also a day where we will focus on changing this negative habit into a time of personal empowerment.

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Moving forward without receiving an apology can be challenging, but it’s possible. Focus on understanding your own feelings, setting boundaries, and prioritizing your own growth and well-being. Forgiveness doesn’t always require an apology from the other person; sometimes, it’s about releasing the resentment and finding peace within yourself.

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Your kids are watching! How you manage your conflict teaches kids how to mange their conflict!

Co-parenting is an opportunity to be powerful role models for our kids.

Here are some key lessons:
✏️Lead with love and respect.
✏️Show empathy and kindness, even in tough times.
✏️Encourage curiosity and learning.
✏️Teach resilience in facing challenges.
✏️Communicate openly and respectfully.
✏️Share responsibilities and commitments.
✏️Instill values like honesty and respect.
✏️Celebrate diversity and embrace differences.

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Even when you experience failure or setbacks, it’s important to learn from the experience rather than dwelling on the loss itself.

Use the time for reflection and growth from mistakes or failures, turning them into valuable learning opportunities for the future.

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